Our Services

Contact Centre Services

Technology Bucket has great team of people and processes that are exceptionally required for good quality and reliable services to any contact center operation. The knowledge and experiences which Technology Bucket possess has enable us to take up projects of any size and complete it successfully as per the clients’ expectation. Our processes are proven to deliver best class services in the past. We have up to-date technology and infrastructure that can be able to deliver uninterrupted services to the clients. We strongly believe in meeting clients’ SLA by deploying best practices in delivering our service offerings to clients.

Live Chat

We have technology and infrastructure that can be able to handle customers who would like to chat with the customer service agents directly to obtain the required information. Our Live Chat agents are duly trained to maintain very professional chat with clients’ customers at all time and provide the required information.

We advise client to maintain knowledge base from where the customer service agents sharpen their product knowledge so that they can be able to act fast on the request that comes from Live Chat.

CRM System

Our CRM System is built in-house to support the clients’ operation mainly to simplify the operational challenges that the clients face on a day-to-day basis. The CRM system is also built with the intention to eliminate paper works as the system can be able to maintain the complete information of the customers’ database and their requests. The system would also be able to eliminate double data entry completely which can save lot of time in data entry plus file retrieval as well.

The CRM system has mobile integrated features whereby real time reports can be obtained regardless of where the staff working from.  All data input via mobile apps get updated into the server and the management can be able to extract real time reports immediately.  The mobile apps is also has features that enables payment gateway.  The apps allows customers to pay either using credit card or online bank transfer.


Human Resources Outsourcing

Our Human Resources Outsourcing portfolio basically covers the entire HR function of our client from the time the recruitment takes place with sourcing and interviewing candidates.  This follows by the necessary screening processes with the third party background checking.  This is mainly carried out to ensure the quality of the candidates hired by our clients, hiring of the right candidate would actually good cost saving for our clients.   

Besides this, Technology Bucket is also actively manage payroll processing for our clients who engage candidates on a project base.  We can be able to host these candidates in our company and process the salary accordingly with all the statutory contributions are well take care.

We can also provide consultancy services for our clients on matters related to DI and IR, where the clients do not require to spend their productive time on this.


Let us help you manage your operational challenges.