Payroll Processing Outsourcing

Payroll Process Outsourcing

Monthly payroll processing, is a routine task that takes so much of customers’ time especially during end of the month. The staff who are involved in the payroll processing must be consistently keep themselves up todate with the Malaysian Labour Law by attending trainings or briefings by the relevant authorities year after year. It will be a very big risk for the company if these staff are ignorance about the new law implemented by the relevant authorities.

At Technology Bucket, our commitment to the customers is prepare the payroll in accordance to the Malaysian Labour Law and ensure all the relevant statutory reporting are prepared as per the guideline and rules set by the authorities. We keep ourselves abreast with updated Labour Law and other statutory requirements. We use latest technology that provide convenience to the entire employees to access their monthly payroll information and also the effectiveness of using e-claims, e-leave, e-payslip and etc via their mobile phones.