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Technology Bucket has AI Automated Chat Bot Call Centre product which has deflecting self-service interactions and does intelligent call routing and subsequently provide various level of verifications on the caller and then analyse and generate various reports for the management’s analytical purposes.

Our Cyber Security portfolio carries Managed Security, Penetration Testing, Source Code Analysis, Simulated Services, Mobile Apps Security, Wireless Security, Network & Log Traffic, Security Incident Report, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, PCI DSS and Forensics.

Every application developed must go through the required level of testing to ensure the system is developed in accordance to the project scope and specifications, the quality of the system developed must also be tested to ensure that it is ready to launch in the market. In regards to this, we provide services cover end to end quality assurance testing that involve Functional Assurance, Performance Engineering, Monitoring Services, Mobile Services and Process Automation & Consulting.

We provide OmniChannel platform for Contact Centres with high quality of the product with very competitive price for the customers. The OmniChannel platform covers Social Media, Various Chat Channels (WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Line, Viber, Video Call, Web Chat and SMS), emails, voice, Slack, Jira, Google Chat and many more.