Technology Bucket



In business, outsourcing is the contracting out of a particular business process to a reliable third-party for various benefits including the profitability of the business. Technology Bucket position its business direction to be an outsourcing company to support its clients’ business operation as well as to perform exceptionally good in their core competencies and mitigate shortage of skill or expertise in the areas where the clients want to outsource.

Technology Bucket committed to undertake its clients business processes and therefore the clients’ flexibility to have their companies able to focus on theircore competencies, without being burdened by the demands of bureaucratic restraints. The clients’ key employees are completely released from performing non-core or administrative processes and can invest more time and energy in building the companies’ core businesses. The key lies in knowing which of the main value drivers to focus on - customer intimacy, product leadership or operational excellence. Focusing more on one of these drivers may help the clients’ create a competitive edge in the market.